About Us

David Emerald
David Emerald - Author, Speaker, Facilitator
Donna Zajonc
Donna Zajonc, MCC - Director of Learning and Coaching Services

Our Vision

“We envision living and working in a world where all human beings are acknowledged as co-creators, endowed with the capacity to choose their response to life events and to live in harmony and cooperation with all living things.”

Our Mission

“TED* and 3VQ exist to inspire people to grow more resourceful and resilient in all their relationships—with others and themselves, at home and at work—through simple, universal and cross-cultural frameworks.”

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe all individuals are inherently Creators.
  2. We believe we cannot, not create. The question is whether we create unconsciously or deliberately.
  3. We believe human beings are always at choice – even when the range of choices is limited.
  4. We believe reacting to problems is automatic while creating outcomes requires repeated focused attention.
  5. We believe given the opportunity for conscious choice, individuals will choose empowerment and a Creator Orientation.
  6. We believe what we focus on has a great deal to do with what shows up in our experience.
  7. We create by holding the dynamic tension in the gap between our envisioned outcomes and the honest assessment of current realities.
  8. We believe creating is a dynamic process that involves incremental baby steps in order to manifest outcomes.
  9. We believe as human beings we are – or need to be – growing beyond a problem-reacting way of being into an outcome-creator orientation to life and work.
  10. We believe the direction of evolution and consciousness human development is toward increased complexity, inclusion and high motives for humanity.
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