Dave Sinclair

Dave Sinclair is a life and business coach based in Alberta, Canada. He holds an MBA in Business Administration and is certified as an Exit Planning Professional (CExP) and a Transition Planning Consultant (TPC). Dave is also a professionally certified coach (PCC), iEQ9 Enneagram Guide, 3VQ Coach/Facilitator, and a certified meditation instructor.

You know that guy, who works fifteen hours a day, has no concept of a work-life balance, and is always chasing the money, the fancy cars, and the fast life? Ten years ago, Dave was that guy. And he felt stuck, like in warm mud up to his neck. It would have been easy to stay in that ooze, but he knew that there had to be something more to life than this. So, he made some changes, and they all started with taking a long look in the mirror and changing his relationship with the most important person he needed to: himself.

Fast forward, and now Dave helps individuals and organizations who may find themselves stuck in their own mud. He helps them tap into their true essence, unlocking a passion to get growing forward! The first step is helping people see where they are, and then holding space so they can tap into their true definition of success. Once defined, the next stage involves helping them create an actionable roadmap to find it, and committing to the practice of making it a reality!

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