Marcia Kent

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Cultivating High Performing Teams
  • Training and Facilitation



Marcia is a proven leader who brings over twenty years of consulting experience in organizational development, leadership development and human resource management with firms ranging from annual revenues of several million to over $2 billion. Her portfolio includes consulting engagements with Facebook, Charles Schwab, Sierra Nevada Space Corporation, Intrawest Resorts, Molson Coors, and national Health Care organizations.

Marcia has extensive experience in creating and implementing solutions designed to develop leaders, improve performance, and enhance employee engagement. She has worked closely with business leaders and HR practitioners in the areas of strategic HR, talent management, leadership development, change management, culture transformation, and learning strategies.

Coaching Philosophy

Marcia is a dynamic professional coach with a passion for helping people live up to their aspirations. She partners with her clients and utilizes a strengths-based, action-oriented coaching approach to help her clients be the leaders they aspire to be, transform their organizations, and achieve extraordinary business outcomes.

As a coach, she helps clients multiply their contribution while staying true to the authentic core of who they are. She uses provocative questions, challenges limiting beliefs, and unbiased feedback, to help leaders grow and perform optimally. She believes growth happens when we have the courage to be innovative and take risks and sees her role as an advocate and accountability partner to help clients stretch and challenge themselves. Marcia enjoys guiding individuals and teams through transition periods, and specializes in helping clients to build trusting, influential relationships with their peers and teams as the key to driving results.

Credentials and Areas of Expertise

Marcia earned her doctoral degree in Values-Driven Leadership at Benedictine University, Chicago, IL. Her research focused on transformational thinking. She holds a master’s science degree in Business Management and Leadership from Regis University.

She is a certified Senior Human Resource Professional, Master Leadership Coach, Professional Organizational Development Consultant, and ADKAR Change Management Practitioner. In addition, she is an international “Points of You” Master Trainer and Executive Coach, a certified “3 Vitals Question Coach”, ADKAR Change Management practitioner, and a certified Brené Brown Daring Way™ Leadership and Organizational consultant and coach.

Personal Background

Marcia currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her son Jackson, their two golden retrievers “Tanner and Tucker”, and “Tinkerbell”, their cat. She enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and skiing. A seasoned explorer, Marcia has traveled around the world and lived in Europe. She is passionate about travel, adventure, and global citizenship. She believes in dreaming big, living large and, of course, having a current passport!

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