Merilee Smith

Merilee Smith is a HappYness Accelerator and Drama Disruptor coach. She’s extremely passionate about helping you get off autopilot and get clear on what’s most important to you in your life and then take action to create it and live it! With over 20 years of experience coaching and facilitating in the leadership and organizational development space, Merilee gives you the knowledge and life changing tools to master your thoughts, emotions and energy so you can ditch drama and stress and live your happiest life, full of intention and passion.

Merilee lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, Scott and two children, Rita and Alex and their furry rescue pup, Sandy. When she’s not coaching you can find her making memories with family and friends. She’s an avid lover of local breweries. Merilee appreciates going for a good run and loves live music, dancing and all things Irish! 

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