Tondeleyo Gonzalez

Tondeleyo Gonzalez is an Assistant Project Director at the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, where she is a lead in the efforts to bring new graduate nurse residency programs to rural parts of Colorado through the Workforce Innovation Nurse Networking (WINN) Program. She also works on supporting and growing the Colorado Simulation Collaborative, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion as a Diversity Teaching Associate.  

Tondeleyo has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University, a Masters in Community Counseling, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. Her passion for mentorship, team member development and Diversity and Inclusion prompted the creation of a hospital-wide mentoring program for over 7,500 team members, peer leadership programs, and trainings focused on communicating about culturally sensitive issues.  Tondeleyo is an active mentor for diverse nursing students through the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence’s Mentoring Program for the last six years. 

Tondeleyo’s ability to embrace difference, as a Certified Career Management Coach, has allowed her to empower diverse clients to recognize and leverage their unique talents to achieve their goals and contribute to organizational outcomes.  Tondeleyo has been a 3 Vital Questions Facilitator since 2016 and became a 3VQ Coach this year. She has been able to embrace 3VQ concepts to help support mentors, mentees, preceptors and new graduate nurses out of the drama and moving towards empowerment.

Tondeleyo is on the Advisory Boards for Community College of Denver’s Nursing Program and PIMA Medical Institute, and an active member of the Application Review Committee for the University of Colorado School of Nursing.

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