A Lifelong Practice Copy

The 3 Vital Questions and the Power of TED* ways of thinking, relating and taking action is a lifelong practice and discipline. This last segment is about committing to daily practices and planning for integrating what you have learned into your work and life.

Your Tools

These four tools will help you practice and integrate the 3 Vital Questions and Power of TED* ways of thinking, relating and taking action. Access them onĀ Pages 21-27 of your workbook.

TED* Action Planning Worksheet

TED* 7 Daily Practices

TED* Daily Affirmation

The 3 Vital Questions

  • Print out a copy of the TED* Action Planning Worksheet on Page 21 of your workbook.
  • Take time to really envision this Outcome and answer the question, “If I had it, how would I know it?” Then work your way through the entire Worksheet. Share the Worksheet with a trusted co-worker or friend (and invite them to do the same with you).
  • Ask your co-worker or friend to be a Coach to you to help you expand on what you have written and the Baby Step actions you are committed to take. Set a follow-up date with one another to check in on forward progress (you might make this a regular practice with them).

Consciously use the 7 Daily Practices (page 25) at least for the next 30 days, including the TED* Daily Affirmation (see page 26 of your workbook).

Post the 3 Vital Questions somewhere where you can see them on a regular basis (this may be in your workspace or in a journal).

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