Choice Points Copy

Now that you know there is an alternative — an antidote — to the toxic Dreaded Drama Triangle, the gift of The Empowerment Dynamic becomes available to you any time you become aware that you are in the DDT and choose to make the shift to a more empowered, resourceful, and resilient TED* role.

As you shift from the Victim Orientation to a Creator Orientation, you pave the way for transforming your relationships. The shifts from the DDT roles to their antidotes in TED* can take place both internally and externally.


How you respond within yourself and to your life experiences.


How you show up in your relationships with others.

It is important to remember that you cannot make shifts happen in other people. You can model the way, encourage and make the shifts happen in your own experience and interactions. As you go throughout your day, you face multiple “choice points” between drama and empowerment.

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