DDT Scenario Exercise Copy

DDT Roles Worksheet

Go to Page 9 in your Workbook

Recall the current drama you have been working through and identified in an earlier unit – or pick another drama situation you are either in or have experienced. In your workbook, use the “DDT Scenario” worksheet to identify who plays what role?



In the workplace, the “Victim” could be a group (for example a department that feels victimized by another department in the organization).


The Persecutor can be a person, condition (like a health condition), or a situation (like an unexpected change in the marketplace or requirements of a job).


The Rescuer can be anything that helps “numb” the anxiety so it need not be a person and can even be a “hoped for” rescuer.

Once you have completed the worksheet, we will identify the role(s) you are playing in this scenario on the next page.

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