Harnessing Dynamic Tension Copy

The Key

All too often in our work and lives, we jump at the first plausible idea that we unconsciously believe will resolve the tension and relieve our anxiety. Instead, the key to really using the power of Dynamic Tension is to hold the vision and to tell the truth about current reality – and learn to hold that tension and not react to the anxiety you may be feeling. In that way, you have the anxiety, but it does not have you in its reactive grip.

  • Hold the vision

  • Tell the truth about current reality

  • Don’t react to the anxiety

Consider how to leverage the supportive aspects of current reality so you can engage in effective problem solving to overcome the inhibitors; or – at times – to identify aspects of the vision that you are not currently attending to.

The TED* 3 Step

Every time you take a Baby Step, one of three things will happen – every time. One possibility is that it creates forward progress and momentum. Second is that it may be a mistake from which you can learn and adjust for the next step. And the third possibility is that you never know when a Baby Step will be a breakthrough or quantum leap that would not have happened had you not taken the step!

So you create outcomes by harnessing Dynamic Tension by doing the TED* 3 Step in which you ask:

What do I want?

What do I have?

What’s next?

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