Observe Your FISBE

Unit 2 Exercise

Focus on your FISBE:

In the coming days – keep the FISBE (your Focus, Inner State, and Behavior) in mind. Your focus can often be discerned by the thoughts you think. Notice your emotions – your Inner State. When an emotion arises (which can be unpleasant or pleasant in nature), pause and reflect on what your focus was (or is) that engaged the emotion. Practice being aware of your Behaviors and how they are a result of your Focus and Inner State. As you do, you will begin to recognize the relationship between the 3 components that make-up your FISBE in your day-to-day activities.

Coming Up

In the next unit, I will introduce you to two different orientations which create the conditions for two VERY different sets of relationship roles and dynamics. One of these tends to be our default mindset – the one we use often without thinking about it. The other mindset is one we all have at least some experience with, but it takes conscious focus and awareness.
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