Reflect on Your FISBE Copy


What you focus on engages an inner state that then drives behavior. That’s FISBE. Focus, Inner State, and Behavior. The way you react or respond to things is based on your inner state. Understanding that others are reacting from their own inner state will help you gain insight into why sometimes we don’t always interpret situations in the same way. We come from different places and different experiences which have informed our individual default mindsets.


Go to Page 3 in your Workbook.

At this stage in your journey – you are going to revisit the problem or drama that is currently occupying your mind, and your energy. Reflect back to the problem or drama you identified in Unit 1. Most likely your focus was on a person or a situation you did not like or want (i.e. a problem); your inner state may have been one of agitation, anxiety, fear, or dismay; and your behavior was probably some form of “fight, flight, freeze, or appease” – as we will see in the next segment.

In your Workbook, record your answers to the following questions:

What was your Focus in reaction to that problem or the drama?

What was your Inner State in reaction to your focus in the situation?

What was your Behavior in reaction to your inner state in the situation?

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