Review of the Two Mindsets Copy

Different “AIRS”

In this video, you will see some really important differences between the Problem and Outcome orientations and why we say they have very different “airs” about them! By seeing the distinctions between these two operating systems and the implications of those differences, the Problem Orientation will become clearer and easier to recognize when you are in it AND become better able to consciously choose to operate from the Outcome Orientation.


In the Problem Orientation, our Attention is focused on what we don’t want and/or don’t like (which is why we call them problems). Our Intention is to get rid of – or away from – the anxiety we feel as a result of the existence of the problem (though we make the “false assumption” that it is the problem we want to get rid of or away from). The pattern of Results that emerge is a roller coaster of action and inaction. The key to understanding this Orientation is that it is anxiety that is really driving it. When anxiety diminishes, we lose energy for action.


When we adopt an Outcome Orientation, our Attention is firmly on what we do want and what we choose to accomplish. Our intention, then, is to move toward and to bring to fruition that envisioned outcome and we take Baby Step actions – including the solving of problems – in service to it. The Results that emerge – over time – is a “growth curve” toward the outcome. But, the pathway forward may include mistakes and setbacks. However, because of the passion we have for the outcome, we persevere, learn from things that don’t go as planned, and continue to take Baby Steps.

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