Shifting from Persecutor to Challenger Copy

Persecutor to Challenger


  • What has this (person, condition or situation) shown up to teach me?
  • How can I grow and develop?


  • What is the intention?
  • What learning or development is the situation calling for (that will spark the other to action)?
  • Shift from controlling to compassionate 
  • Move from putting-down to building-up

Go to Page 17 in your Workbook:

  • Identify a time in you life or work in which you experienced a Challenger – be it a person, condition or situation. List at 3-7 things you learned from the experience.
  • Think of a person in your work or life that you can support as a Challenger (seeing them as a Creator). What is the learning and growth that you wish for them? What can you say to them – from a learning intent – to encourage their learning, growth and development? Write out what you could say.
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