Shifting from Rescuer to Coach Copy

Rescuer to Coach

Facilitating the Shift


  • How do I take responsibility for my self care?
  • What support do I need?


  • How are you seeing the other? As a problem to fix or as capable and resourceful?
  • What questions will help clarify an outcome, current reality, or generate possible “baby steps?”
  • Shift from fixing to letting go
  • Move from telling to asking

Go to Page 18 in your Workbook:

  • Identify a situation you are facing in which you could use support from someone as a Coach. This could be clarifying an outcome or thinking through how you can respond to a challenge. Who can you enlist to serve in the Coach role for you?
  • Think of either a current situation or one from the recent past in which you have been drawn into the Rescuer role. As a Coach, what questions could you ask that would help them clarify their outcome or choices?
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