Shifting from the DDT to TED*

The Core

These shifts can happen internally and/or externally. Internally, you shift from REACTING to your experience and seeing people, conditions or situations as Victims, Persecutors or Rescuers to choosing your response. The external shift has to do with how you relate with others and shifting from the DDT roles to growing into being a Creator, Challenger and Coach as you interact with those around you.

The shift from the DDT to the resourceful, resilient and empowering TED* roles is at the very core of this course. Here is a quick review of key questions and shifts. Look this over and keep these points in mind when you review each shift in detail.

rescuer to coach shift

Go to Page 19 in your Workbook:

Remember when, as a child, you were playing a game and things were not going the way you wanted and you called timeout and wanted a “do over” to try it a different way? This is the spirit of the next two assignments.

In Unit 4, you were asked to complete two worksheets, one was the “DDT Scenario Worksheet” and the other simply the “DDT Worksheet.”

Knowing now how shifts can happen between the DDT and TED* roles, you now have the opportunity to consider how you might currently call – or could have called in the past – a “do over.”

Review the DDT Scenario Worksheet and then complete the “Do Over Scenario” worksheet by identifying how you either can intervene (or could have intervened) in the drama first as a Creator, then as a Challenger and, finally, as a Coach. Take them one-at-a-time.

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