Shifting from Victim to Creator Copy

Victim to Creator

The next 3 videos explain how these shifts are made, and provide you with some examples of how to make these shifts possible.


  • What do I want?
  • How do I respond?


  • What is the dream denied/thwarted? What do you/they really want?
  • Reframe the “problem” that feeds the Victim perspective into an “outcome” the Creator can begin to move toward.
  • Shift from hopelessness to possibility
  • Move from reacting to choosing

Go to Page 16 in your Workbook:

  • Identify at least one outcome you want to create in your work and life. If you could have, do, or be anything, what would that be?
  • Think of a time in which you clearly felt victimized by a person or situation. Looking back, what was the “dream or desire” that was denied or thwarted that had you feeling like a Victim? What was it that you really cared about?
  • Identify a time in which you were interacting with someone who was in the Victim role. Looking back, how might you have supported them in shifting their focus to what they really wanted?
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