TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)®

Upgrading Your “OS”

As you consciously make the shift to adopting a Creator Orientation — and, thereby, upgrading your human internal operating system — you are ready to learn about, and begin cultivating, the roles and dynamics of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic).


When you adopt a Creator Orientation, you pave the way for developing and nurturing empowering relationships through the roles of *The Empowerment Dynamic (TED*). In review, the TED* roles are the antidotes to the toxic roles in the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT). 


Creator is the positive antidote to the Victim. Creators focus on accomplishing outcomes and choosing their response to life’s challenges instead of reacting to/avoiding or trying to fix situations. Creators see themselves and others as Creators and take responsibility for their choices, even if their choice is narrow given the current reality. Rather than focusing on what they don’t want, Creators focus on what they do want.


Challenger is the positive antidote to the Persecutor. Whether a person, condition, or situation, Challengers call forth learning and growth. When a person, they are often called truth-tellers because they are clear about their values and what they stand for. Some Challengers come into our lives uninvited and unwelcomed. Others — especially those who also embrace TED* — can be conscious and constructive Challengers who come from a learning intent as they challenge others to grow.


Coach is the positive antidote to the Rescuer. A Coach listens deeply, and uses their curiosity to support others in clarifying their desired outcomes. Their questions help assess current realities and identify and commit to Baby Step actions, as they go about the creating process. A Coach need not be a professional, but anyone who chooses to support another through the asking of questions. Coaches see those they support as being capable and resourceful Creators in their own right — whether they act like it or not.

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