The Antidote Copy

Shifting Mindsets

As we continue to explore the 2nd Vital Question – how are you relating? – this unit provides the antidote to the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) roles of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer. In order to apply the antidote, an upgrade of our mindset – our internal operating system, or “OS” – is required. By adopting a Creator Orientation, the antidote becomes available.

The Empowerment Dynamic – which we lovingly refer to as TED* – is a triad of relationship roles and dynamics that create resourceful, resilient, innovative, energized and fulfilling connections with others that produce desired outcomes. In addition, by enlarging our understanding of these roles and putting them to work in our lives, we greatly increase our ability to face and learn from life’s dilemmas.

The Creator “OS”

To liberate workplace drama and to cultivate empowering ways to relate to others, your experience, and yourself, first requires an upgrade in your internal operating system. That upgrade is to shift from the problem-focused and reactive Victim Orientation and to adopt a Creator Orientation. When you focus on outcomes that matter to you , you tap into your passion, which gives you the energy to take a Baby Step and begin the creating process.

As you grow in your capacity to live and work more consciously and consistently as a Creator, you will be better able to:

Choose What You Focus On
Choose Which Relationships You Want to Nurture In Order to Co-Create
Recognize That You Are “At-Choice” in How You Respond to Experiences
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