The Challenges of Tension Copy

The Magic of Dynamic Tension

Holding the tension between your envisioned outcomes and current reality is a key discipline of a Creator. Knowing what challenges come with the tension in the creating process is what we will explore next.

Key Points

  • The first affects the question, “What do I want?” Here, you could reduce your vision – to compromise what you really want and settle for something less. And the reality is that you cannot invest your spirit of passion in a compromise, but you can see that it does release the tension.
  • The second way you could react to the anxiety is to NOT tell the truth about current reality. Your answer to the question, “What do I have?” is not truthful. You might minimize, explain away or deny what supports and, especially, inhibits your capacity to create the outcome you envision.
  • The third way to resolve the tension involves asking yourself, “What’s next?” Answer this question instead of reacting to the anxiety. So, in this approach, identify and commit to Baby Steps that begin to help you get more proximity and clarity to your envisioned outcome.
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