When Were You a Creator? Copy

Reflection Exercise

Reflection exercise in workbook: Recall the exercise in Unit 2 in which you identified a time in your life when you were inherently working or living from a Victim Orientation. In that exercise, you reflected on what you were thinking about; what your inner-state felt like and what actions you took during that experience. Now let’s shift your focus to times in your life in which you were living from a Creator Orientation.

Creator Orientation

outcome->passion->baby step


Identify 2-3 additional life experiences in which you were demonstrating a Creator Orientation. These are experiences in which you chose to work toward something that really mattered to you (i.e. it had heart and meaning). In your journey, write down the experience and then, for each, answer the following questions:

Go to Page 12 in your Workbook:

  • What did you focus on? What did you think about? What did you say to yourself along the journey toward the outcome?
  • What was your inner state? What feelings arose?
  • What actions did you take? How did you interact with others along the way? How did you respond to problems or challenges as they arose.

Looking at these 2-3 experiences out of a Creator Orientation, identify common themes and patterns on the same page in your Workbook.

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